Adjoiner Mission

“To overcome the on-going challenges in security operations, and pave the road to the future for all-size clients.”

Regardless of the size, all companies, businesses and facilities in this world need some degree of protection for their people, assets, and information, from various threats such as crimes, liabilities, conflicts, and any other possible risks. From the early stage of adapting the security systems, however, we all face a few ultimate questions:  “Where do we start?” and “How do we get there?” Some people believe that their businesses are not big enough to worry about security at all. Some may think low-cost cameras with memory cards would do the job. Others may hire 3rd party surveilance service providers, signing multi-year contracts. Often, there are some who deploy state-of-the-art systems, not fully understanding how they actually help their security operations. None of these choices are fully wrong as long as the choice works for the main purpose: protection. And yet, the decision making must be based on a thorough analysis and consideration of various factors based on the customer’s goals and the related operations.

​​​​​​​Nowadays, the applications and components of security systems are getting more complicated as there are more new technologies and interfaces to integrate with. Security systems are often combined with other parts of the business’s operations and facility management. The integration of the new security system along with other existing operational processes has to be synergetic. The dilemma here is that synergy is not simply achieved by choosing one system. Poorly integrated systems create more burdens than benefits. Adjoiner is willing to work with all clients regarding this concern to find the right solutions and to overcome any challenges, by leveraging experience and technology expertise from the earliest stage of any project. We’d like to learn the business and management processes of each customer to find the answers to the questions, “Where do we start?” and “How can we reach our goal?”. We promise to help all-size companies and facilities to establish reliable and effective physical security operations for their access and surveillance management, and accompany them through the future.